Overview of 15 Popular Pumps, Including AllFlo Pumps

Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2020

The process of industrial and commercial manufacturing requires the use of several different pumps, including AllFlo pumps. It is challenging to keep track of the various types of pump systems and applications. However, this article aims to identify 15 popular systems and provide a brief overview of each.

1. Centrifugal Pumps

A centrifugal pump has one or more impellers and is useful in many different applications. These pumps have the highest flow rates and can handle clean or dirty liquids. However, these devices will not work well for thicker liquids, like oil.

2. Regenerative Turbine Pumps

While a part of the same classification, regenerative turbine pumps are not considered a proper centrifugal pump. However, these models still use the same kinetic principle, but most are single stage. These devices’ best applications are small commercial boiler systems, like those found in dry cleaners or bakeries.

3. Submersible Pumps

If you require deep water or sewer operations, ask All-Flo Pump distributors about submersible pumps. These tools have an encased and protected motor with a single-stage pump, allowing the entire device to operate while submerged.

4. Vertical Turbine Pumps

A vertical turbine pump is versatile. While the design’s purpose is to operate in a bore-hole well, these sophisticated vertical shaft pumps can also pump from an intake structure, open reservoir, river, or tank. You can also use the pump as a booster pump mounted to the inside of a barrel.

5. Positive Displacement Pumps

While you can search for systems with the right All-Flo pump parts, you might find more luck working with a positive displacement pump. The positive displacement pump doesn’t rely on impellers to propel liquids through the system. Instead, it rotates or uses reciprocating parts to transfer materials.

6. Flexible Impeller Pump

A flexible impeller pump is likely what you need when a positive displacement pump is not enough and requires extra propulsion. The flexible impeller conforms to a displacement pump’s parts, allowing thin liquids’ easy transportation, even those containing some solids.

7. Piston Pumps

Piston pumps use pistons to create high pressure. These pumps provide adequate pressure for wash down services in oil production. Many people are familiar with these systems even if not aware of the name because they are used for pressure washing.

8. Lobe Pumps

When pumping viscous liquids containing soft or fragile liquids, lobe pumps provide the right amount of pressure. These pumps use two shafts to drive the lobes, which mesh but never touch, to pump the liquids gently. The food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries find these devices most useful.

9. Gear Pumps

Like a lobe pump, a gear pump also uses two meshing gears, but the types are both internal and external. These pumps are not suitable for transporting abrasive liquids or those containing solids. The device is best for clean oils and other high viscosity liquids.

10. Diaphragm Pumps

Like some AllFlo pumps, diaphragm pumps use a reciprocating diaphragm driven by a fluid drive, solenoid, or mechanical drive. These tools also use inlet and outlet check valves. The diaphragm pump is useful in plants because of the varying materials it can handle, from those containing solids to corrosive substances.

11. AODD Pumps

If your pumping operation is not near electricity, then you may need to use air-operated systems instead. An AODD pump runs on air and is useful in construction projects, like concrete pouring.

12. Well Pumps

If you are more interested in rural operations, like irrigation, you may want to invest in a well pump. The well pump is a vertical turbine pump and is used in bore-hole applications.

13. Trash Pumps

A trash pump is a dewatering pump. It can be self-priming or submersible, and the design allows the unit to handle rocks and other solids. These pumps often find use in mining or construction operations.

14. Self-Priming Pumps

Self-priming pumps offer an advantage because they do not need to be submerged. These pumps have motors that rest above the reservoir and do not require external priming or foot valves.

15. Magnetic Drive Pumps

When looking for AllFlo pumps, consider the temperature and sealing issues of the substance. Magnetic drive pumps are sealless, which is advantageous when dealing with non-viscous or heat transfer fluids.

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