Machine Guarding

The best equipment requires the best protection

Uniguard Machine Guards manufactures vertical belt machine guards, horizontal belt machine guards, machine guards with a clear polycarbonate inspection window, OSHA-compliant, MSHA-compliant polyethylene guards, nonmetallic adjustable-width machine guards, and ANSI/OSHA-compliant nonmetallic pump guards. These rugged, rust-proof machine guards are safer than metal machine guards and are ideal in many settings, including severe environments.

  • OSHA/ANSI Compliant Machine Guarding Solutions – Last longer, cost less and are easy to install
  • Built for Employee Safety, your convenience and the company’s budget – Replaces the need for in-house or expensive custom-engineered compliant machine guards.
  • Weatherproof – Nonmetallic Machine Guarding – made with premium grade, UV-protected high density polyethylene that doesn’t rust or require painting. Fasteners are stainless steel.
  • Easy Installation – UHMW mounting brackets are easy to align to base mounting holes and are easy to drill.
  • Product Lines include off-the-shelf kit guards – Type CGU, ANSI, Direct-Drive Coupling Guards and Belt Guards.

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