Uniclear Seal Guards

Created in 1994, the manufacturer’s innovative UniGuard™ Machine Guard is used primarily to enclose a rotating coupling or V-Belt connecting the shafts of the driven equipment and the driver (usually an electric motor) to prevent harm to people working around the equipment.

Uniguard UniClear Guards™ were specifically developed to ensure employee safety as well as meet compliance of government regulations that stipulate all rotating machinery must be guarded.

They are designed to be easily installed, allow for visual inspections and yet they are economical. Uniguard UniClear Guards ™ are corrosion resistant and are made from polycarbonate (shield), high density polyethylene (frame) – with stainless steel fasteners.

UniGuard Machine Guard is committed to providing superior service by supplying innovative engineering assistance, professional equipment selection, competitive deliveries and service to all its customers.